We support leaders to navigate complexity and help organizations to facilitate change.

The future of leadership

“The jobs of the past were all about muscle, now they’re about brains, but in the future they’ll be about heart.” 

Director of the London School of Economics, Minouche Shafik


We believe the same applies to leadership.

We are here to create the leadership capabilities for this future, now.

Here's how we can help your organsation... 




  • Leadership capability development for individuals and teams

  • Group and one to one coaching and mentoring


Positive Change

  • Facilitating strategic and culture change conversations 

  • Community and Stakeholder engagement (in-person and digital)

About Us

In our organizations, our communities and our world, we’re currently experiencing extraordinary levels of challenge and change. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity. Projections show that these conditions aren't going to subside anytime soon.

Entire systems are in crisis or in transition. In many senses we are neither “here” anymore, nor quite “there” yet. And leaders everywhere, and at every level, are being confronted with the urgent need to adapt and evolve.

Are you feeling unprepared for the task of navigating all of this complexity? Overwhelmed with uncertainty? Overcome by the need for change and the pace of it? We've been there too. In leadership roles and in leading our lives. We've been lost, stuck, uncertain, burnt out. This was our story. And the reason we founded LeadersHP.  

LeadersHP was formed to develop leaders and facilitate change from the inside out. To better prepare leaders. To help you to lead more effectively, collectively.

We believe in turning old ideas and limiting beliefs about leadership upside down. We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and communities to navigate complexity, get “unstuck” and find new ways to move forward. Together.

And we are committed to lifting leadership consciousness and cultivating the capabilities to effectively lead the way for real change.

Matt Cesaro
Director and Senior Facilitator
Mia Handshin
Director and Senior Facilitator

We are passionate about helping individuals and teams to navigate complexity, lift leadership consciousness and cultivate the capabilities to lead the way for change.

What People Are Saying

JodieVan Deventer

Committee for Adelaide, CEO

"LeadersHP went above and beyond, constructing a powerful, engaging and cleverly structured session... that had enormous impact and will be remembered by those in the room for years to come"

Chloe Kempe

SACARE, General Manager - Business Development and Culture

"Matt and Mia have the unique ability to make everyone feel like they are valued immensely…They are able to shine the light on the leaders in our organization and highlight everyone’s strengths by implementing a unique process in the program they deliver."


Growing Leaders Program, Health SA

“I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my values and the biases I’ve held without noticing. I’ve learnt a lot about different personalities and communication styles and how to take a step back to take in the big picture. I’ve learnt a lot about how I deal with change and stress and how everyone deals with change in a different way and some tools to combat this.” 


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