Our Purpose

When we started LeadersHP the popular narrative was all about leveraging “high performance” in leadership and team development. That was the "HP" our clients wanted. It's measurable and marketable.

Our founding vision was to make a difference by offering something different. To help leaders find a new way.  

When considering our business purpose, we asked ourselves the question: what's "next practice" when it comes to leadership development?  

Scanning research about key competencies for leadership in the future, it became evident that the so-called “soft skills” of leadership, are increasingly considered hard-core prerequisites: 

Empathy. Authenticity. Resilience. Presence. Influential communication. Leading through loss and change. Understanding self and others. Developing greater complexities of mind to match complexities being experienced in the world. 

LeadersHP was formed to work at the cutting-edge of leadership development.

We believe that.....

Toolsets will always be valuable.

Heartful, self-aware leaders with higher levels of presence create the conditions for even higher performing teams.

Mindsets and mindfulness are becoming vital.

Strategic vision and nous in undertaking structural reforms will continue to be of importance.

High performance will continue to count.

A leader’s inner clarity, about their values, strengths, intrinsic motivations and personal narrative will be imperative.

At LeadersHP...

We work with the whole person, head, heart, hara (gut) and hands, with the objective of helping individuals to develop more perspective, purpose, presence, power and, ultimately, to lift performance. 

We support leaders to develop conscious awareness and alignment between their thoughts, feelings, knowing and actions. To cultivate greater clarity, conviction and competence. And in our experience, what follows is far more effective leadership with a more positive impact. 


In our work with teams and communities, we also take a whole-system approach and are committed to the "democratisation" of leadership. As Meg Wheatley author of Leadership and the New Science says: 

"Most of the ways we were taught to think, to reason, to understand simply don't give us the means to make wise decisions anymore. We don't know how to be wise stewards of the dilemmas and challenges that confront us daily. We were not taught how to make sense of a chaotic world, or a worldwide interconnected web of activity and relationships." 


Clearly, we need to do something different. We need to find a new way. 

Our purpose is to help leaders be the difference that the world needs.
Now. And for the future.