Core Services
Helping leaders find a new way

We invest our time, energy and expertise wisely. We work with organisations and individuals who are committed to making a real difference. We help them to make the internal shifts they need in order to amplify their impact in the world. In our work with teams and communities in crisis or challenge, confusion or change, we create the conditions to enable all members to be seen and heard, to contribute to collective visioning and clarify the steps for rebuilding and moving forward together. 

We focus on partnering with our clients and building trusted relationships.

In developing people, we design tailored solutions for organisations rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ training. In strategic development and community engagement, we are extensively experienced in facilitating inclusive and transformative conversations.  We take the time to understand the individual needs and the unique dynamic of each group or organisation we work with. 

We offer the following services:


Developing Leadership and Change Capability


  • Enhanced leadership skills, competencies and capability across the organisation across all levels

  • Ensure eventual change results in achievement of desired organisational objectives

  • Enable stakeholders to become part of the change by giving them the opportunity to contribute their ideas and support buy-in and ownership

  • Minimise impact of resistance to change

  • Ensuring organisations are adequately supported and resourced to lead through change


Defining Organisational Vision and Strategy


  • Clarity of organisational purpose,  vision, values and priorities

  • Delivery of a strategy that:


  • Facilitates improved decision making

  • Supports understanding/buy-in

  • Enables measurement of progress

  • Fit for purpose functional and organisational design that aligns to service values and objectives


Enhancing Team and Organisational Culture

  • Supporting leaders to understand how to shape and influence culture with tangible actions and behaviours

  • An organisational culture that aligns the collection of values, expectations, and practices of the organisation with its workforce

  • Alignment of organisational culture to the strategy including purpose, vision and values

  • Clarity of what matters most to people in an organisation and how this can be realised

  • A supportive environment that helps to inform and drive the actions of all team members

How we achieve outcomes:

  • Tailored leadership development programs for existing and emerging leaders


  • Delivery of individual and small group coaching and mentoring programs


  • Tailored and contemporary approaches to change management and leadership


  • Providing contracted Executive/Senior Management level and Project Support resources to enhance leadership and change capability

  • Facilitated strategic design workshops and targeted consultation 

  • Documenting Strategic Plans and aligned operational business plans


  • Extensive stakeholder engagement and consultation programs


  • Functional design/redesign of organisational structures and job & person role definitions to deliver on purpose, vision and strategy

  • Facilitating reviews of organisational and team culture 


  • Understanding, analysing and reporting on existing organisational and team culture

  • Working with stakeholders to understand culture and develop a desired cultural vision

  • Identifying key actions and commitments required to embed culture change


  • Facilitated workshops with teams to understand culture and identify current and desired values and behaviours


  • Use of comprehensive diagnostics, survey tools and analysis


  • Providing contracted Executive/Senior Management level resources to work within leadership teams and observe culture

We aim to develop sustainable “communities of practice” and support collective leadership.  

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