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LeadersHP Masterclass Series - 2020 Vision

Facilitated by Mia Handshin and Matt Cesaro

Cost:  $80.00

About this Event


Hindsight is 2020 vision.

So, how clear is your vision approaching the end of 2020? What about your team’s vision? A little blurry perhaps?

Although you and your team may be thinking you can’t wait until 2020 is over and would rather not look back on it at all, history has taught leaders the importance of taking time to reflect, especially when we start to see things differently.


As American Philosopher John Dewey wisely said, “we don’t learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.”  But with busy lives and the load of leadership, we often don’t make time to ask: What happened? What did we learn? How can we apply what we’ve learned?

Facilitated by LeadersHP Directors Mia Handshin and Matt Cesaro, the 2020 Vision Masterclass has been designed to help you to effectively engage in reflective practice at the end of this intensely challenging year while also offering expert guidance about how to hold similar conversations with your own team. 

Delivered via Zoom video conference on Tuesday, 2nd of February 2021, this 2-hour interactive Masterclass will present you with a series of potent questions, practical tips and game-changing strategies to help you develop clarity of…

  • Hindsight- by identifying strengths, growth and new opportunities that have emerged out of 2020,

  • Insight- by reframing stress and reinforcing resilience strategies to support you and your team to thrive in 2021,

  • Foresight- by creating a valuable blueprint for holding your team planning session for 2021.  


2020 has been disruptive and challenging.  In that challenge lies an opportunity. If you’re a leader interested in making the most of that opportunity, this is a session worth tuning in to.


A video recording will be made available following the session to those who register.

Past Events 

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LeadersHP Masterclass Series - Finding Your True Voice (recording)

Facilitated by Mia Handshin with special guest Dr Gemma Munro.

Cost:  $80.00

About this Event


Tired of talking in soundbites? Over the expectations to speak in elevator pitches? Done with the constraints of delivering in dot-points?

The Finding Your True Voice Masterclass will help you to awaken more freedom, flow, courage and clarity when using your voice. Recorded during a 2-hour live interactive session on 25 August 2020, this Masterclass offers powerful practices, practical tips and tools designed to help you to:


• Develop confidence, courage, and conviction to “speak your truth”.

• Transcend old stories of doubt and distrust in your voice.

• Unleash the power of speaking from your heart and trusting your gut (aka your intuition).

• Learn about the importance of silence and stillness to help you to discover what is true for you.

• Establish a daily practice to support you to connect with your voice and unlock creative energy.


Presented by Mia Handshin, Director of LeadersHP with special guest Dr Gemma Munro, this unique Masterclass takes an inside-out approach to help you express the uniqueness of who you really are, both as a leader, and in leading your life.


Mia and Gemma share heartfelt, humorous and deeply personal stories and juicy insights from their own lives and careers while asking a series of powerful questions and taking you through a set of pertinent exercises with the intention of assisting you to find your true voice.


***Full disclosure: Mia and Gemma are soul-sisters. This is a term neither of them would once have used in professional spaces out of fear about what others might think or say! But the truth is, they are. And they will no longer mince their words about important matters like this.


If you want to know more about Mia, check her out at www.leadershp.com.au/team and Gemma at www.drgemmamunro.com or on Instagram at @drgemmamunro'.

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