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How Illuminate Mentoring Program Works

A request for mentoring can be initiated by a leader directly, or by an organisational representative on behalf of an individual or group of leaders.

Here's how the process works: 

Step 1 - registration of interest

Register your interest via our expression of interest form. 

Step 2 - intake interview

After receiving an expression of interest, LeadersHP will make contact to arrange a 30 minute intake interview to assess a Mentee's needs and objectives through questions such as:

  • What's challenging the Mentee most at present?

  • What are some of the Mentee's key areas for development as a leader?

  • If mentoring were to be wildly successful for the Mentee and their Sponsor Organisation, what would the outcomes ideally be?

  • Over what period of time would the Mentee wish to engage in mentoring?

  • How frequently could the Mentee make themselves available for sessions?

  • Is one of our current Illuminate Mentors preferred or does the Mentee have specific needs that should inform a Mentor connection? 

Step 3 - Structuring an engagement and connecting with a mentor

Based on the intake interview, LeadersHP will develop a Mentoring Engagement package and identify a prospective Mentor and propose to the Mentee and Sponsor Organisation for consideration. 

Mentoring Engagement packages consist of a recommended minimum of six sessions. Sessions can be scheduled at intervals which best suit the Mentee.  

Step 4 - Introductory meeting

An initial (free of charge) meeting offers Mentors and Mentees the opportunity to determine if their connection feels like a good fit. 

Step 5 - confirmation and commencement

LeadersHP will confirm the terms of the Mentoring Engagement with the Sponsor Organisation and Mentee, and mentoring sessions will commence.  

Step 6 - Evaluation

LeadersHP will undertake evaluation throughout an engagement to ensure that Mentees and Sponsor Organisations are experiencing value and impact from the mentoring.  


Guiding Principles

Build Capability

Information and insights shared between mentees and mentors will assist building greater leadership capability for both the mentee, sponsor and organisation and their broader community


All interactions between mentees and mentors will be treated with complete confidentiality to preserve the key tenet of trust between parties and create a safe space for openness and vulnerability in sharing 


Being open to growth and receptive to learning, mentees and mentors will invite and, where necessary, challenge each other to show up as their whole selves, follow-up on insights gained and follow through on commitments made

Honest Dialogue

Authentic, open and transparent discussion will form the foundation of trusted relationships between mentors and mentees

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