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Hiring a car during a recent work trip to Kangaroo Island, Matt and Mia were asked if they were visiting for business or pleasure. Matt's response spoke volumes.

"For us, business is pleasure."

While business can be challenging and anxiety producing at times, and we work hard to serve and support our clients, Matt's comment beautifully conveys how we feel about what we do!

On June 16th we celebrated a significant LeadersHP milestone with a gathering to mark our second year in business, as well as the launch of our spacious new office in Kent Town and fast growing team.

Thank you to those who joined us to warm our space and welcome new team members. It was really wonderful to hear your reflections on how "grown up" our new space is, and how much we "mean business". Of course, we always have. Meant business, that is. But it's just awesome for this to be reflected in our surroundings in a new way now!

Interesting too, to hear one of our guests describe her sense that we are really "sinking into our skin" as a business, with absolutely clarity about who we are and why we're here.

A very special thanks too, to our talented photographer Cath Leo, who skilfully captured our commitment to real close-upness as a business, reflected in the generous smile lines, twinkling eyes, deeply listening faces and warm embraces of our guests.

For those of you who weren't with us in person, just know that you were not forgotten. We are so very grateful to have had the pleasure of being of service to you over the past two years, and we look forward to our ongoing connection as our business continues to evolve.

Speaking of evolving, our launch event capped off an intensive day of team building and strategic planning lead by our awesome business coach Adam Frampton of Pink Bamboo.

This opportunity to regroup as a team enabled us some much needed time to retrace how much ground we've covered over the past year, reflect on the impact that we're having and refresh our vision for the future.

We confirmed our commitment to "facilitating transformation through courageous collective leadership" and explored some exciting new possibilities and projects for the coming year.

While you may have already seen social media posts announcing the addition of our new team members, we felt this a timely opportunity to introduce you to three amazing individuals who've recently joined the LeadersHP team.

As you'll see from their bios below, these women each possess a unique blend of genius and magic that is already having a huge impact on our work. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Bec, Tanya and Mily.

Bec Weatherill joins Leaders HP as an Associate whois passionate about working with organisations to optimise staff performance and wellbeing in even the most challenging of situations. She uses practical, science-based solutions tailored to the needs, culture and personalities of each team.

Her experience spans multiple sectors including over 20 years in the Australian wine industry, and supporting Boards and Executive management in agriculture, manufacturing, and not for profit. Optimising her top strength of connection, Bec instinctively makes links between people by thinking of ways to bring them together for their mutual benefit.

An accredited mental health first aider and a certified coach. Bec is currently completing a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. She practices what she preaches with regular strengths training, yoga, meditation and gratitude practices as well as daily nature walks with Gus the wonder dog.

Tanya Lehman has been a long-standing facilitation and coaching partner of ours and now officially joins our team as an Associate.

Once described as having enough energy to power a small town, Tanya has over 20 years’ experience in leading large-scale organisation and systems change within the rural health sector in South Australia and nationally. A clinician by background, experienced project manager, executive director, board chair, coach, mentor, trainer and leadership program facilitator, Tanya draws on a wealth of experience in navigating complex systems, figuring out how to lead consciously, nurture leaders and build workplace cultures that will sustain positive change.

Tanya is passionate about whole-hearted leadership and discovering ways to leverage strengths and harness the potential in individuals, teams and systems to thrive. She gets excited about co-adventuring with leaders, dancing on the edge of what is known, provoking fresh thinking and new perspectives, and designing practical experiments to test limiting assumptions and deliver break-through performance results. When it is time to recharge, Tanya can be found outdoors enjoying the beautiful Murray River with her husband, two teenagers, energetic kelpie Nahla and good friends, or curled up with a good book in their rammed earth home.

​Last but not least, Mily Nielsen joins as our new Executive Assistant and Office Manager. With over fifteen years' experience as an administration professional, Mily has worked closely with Directors and CEOs across a number of sectors and this has honed her radar for what makes a good leader great.

Mily has been fortunate to work with some truly inspirational leaders in the past, be it direct report, dotted line or general association, and can often be found quoting the words of a former boss or mentor. This makes her the perfect fit for LeadersHP. Not least because she loves a good quote. She truly understands the work we do with leaders and why it makes such a difference. When not offering morsels of wisdom, Mily enjoys spending time with her daughter, Asta, or reading epic fantasy novels.

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