Core Services

We invest our time, energy and expertise wisely. We work with organisations and individuals who are committed to making a real difference. We help them to make the shifts they need in order to amplify their impact in the world.


In our work with teams and communities in crisis or challenge, confusion or change, we create the conditions to enable all members to be seen and heard, to contribute to collective visioning and clarify the steps for healing, rebuilding and moving forward together. 

We focus on partnering with our clients and building trusted relationships.

In developing people, we design tailored solutions for organisations rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ training.


In strategic development and community engagement, we are extensively experienced in facilitating inclusive and transformative conversations. 


We take the time to understand the individual needs and the unique dynamic of each group or organisation we work with. 

We offer the following services:


Developing Leaders and Teams


Individual and group coaching programs to increase self-awareness, presence, resilience and the capabilities to lead high performing teams in today’s complex world.


​Facilitating Engagement 


In-person and digital community and stakeholder engagement; forums, gatherings or conferences; bespoke processes for strategy development and culture initiatives.


Strategic Planning and Culture Development

We take a unique approach to supporting organisations and teams to have the conversations they need to create clear and a compelling vision, purpose, values and anchor these into behaviour and culture. 


Change Leadership

Programs to develop change leadership capabilities including increased understanding of human needs psychology, development of "strategic presence", adaptive leadership, strategies for building individual and collective resilience and communication for change skills.

How we achieve outcomes:

Group coaching

Small to large groups, in-person and online, highly experiential, incorporating capability development and team building.

One on one coaching

One on one coaching programs focusing on increasing self awareness, identifying specific actions and generating sustainable behaviour change.

Application of diagnostic tools, models and frameworks 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator, The Leadership Circle, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, The Adaptive Leadership Framework, Integral Theory.

Gestalt Approach to Facilitation

  • We understand that conversations shape cultures so we seek to facilitate powerful conversations that inspire changes of heart, shifts in mindset and adjustments in behaviour.

  • We prioritise the creation of the "container", a safe and trusting space for real conversations to take place.

  • We recognise that group members and their interactions, are, in fact, the most important "content."

  • We are experienced in facilitating conversations to engage groups as small as 10 or as large as entire regional communities! 

We aim to develop sustainable “communities of practice” and support collective leadership.