Our Values

“Leadership begins with a belief in yourself and continues only if other people believe in you. To believe in you, people have to know 1) who you are and what you stand for 2) whether or not they can trust you. In other words, leaders must walk their walk.” - Michael Bunting, The Mindful Leader

In our work with leaders and organisations, we emphasise how important it is  to be clear about and demonstrate our values in our actions and interactions. This creates trust and invites accountability.


Here’s what we stand for at LeadersHP, what we mean and the “shared stories” that guide our team in the work we do together.


We show up as our real and whole selves with the courage to “own our stuff” and the commitment to being open to grow.

We do our best to walk our talk. Hand on heart. We believe that we can only take people to “places” we’ve been ourselves. We share only what we’ve tried, tested, embraced, embodied. We talk our walk with openness and honesty. We invite emotional literacy and emanate empathy. We appreciate the value in discomfort and understand that we are all “a work in progress”. We applaud courage and value vulnerability as a strength.  We choose to focus on what’s going well while shining a light on our lessons with courage. We treasure the little things. We take the time to celebrate our work, and our wins as well as those of the people we work with.


We build trusted relationships with love, compassion and curiosity.

We believe that relationships are the key determiner of everything. We take the time to “be present” and invest the time to stay connected. We listen deeply and engage wholeheartedly. We care. We look people in the eye. We understand that everyone has an important story to share and know that the most valuable insights and answers are always found within. We join the dots between science and intuition. We aim to connect people, teams and organisations from the inside, so they can have an even greater impact "out there". We believe in the power of playfulness. We value humour and the expression of gratitude. We believe that joy and enjoyment are the clearest signposts that we are “on track” in life and leadership. We understand that we perform and learn best when we’re in a positive frame of mind. We actively seek “funfillment” in all that we do because we know it’s infectious and people “catch-on”.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to leave a positive footprint wherever we go. We seek to lift the consciousness of leadership.

We choose to work with those who have potential to contribute powerfully and positively to the world around them. We help leaders to make the unconscious, conscious. We deliver exceptional quality and have a passion for excellence in everything we do. The changes we facilitate are often unexpected and beyond expectation. We seek to exceed ‘best practice’ by creating ‘next practice’. We believe that there is no failure, only feedback. We mine for the “gold” and seek meaning in the madness. We want to make a meaningful difference by doing things differently. We want the best for all and for all to know their best selves, their highest potential.